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M-Power Toolkit for Custom Programs

Experience worldwide interactive access for your entire tradeshow program from concept to delivery...welcome to the Matrex M-Power Technology Tookit. Available 24/7. M-Power enables collaboration between program owners, agencies and Matrex resulting in better program efficiency.

Please select from the choices below, log on and begin taking advantage of our M-Power Toolkit.

Portable Programs

Matrex can streamline ordering
portable exhibits for your
representatives in the field.
We will create a custom
ordering system online that
is available 24/7. Your reps
simply log on, choose an
exhibit and enter the
shipping address.
We’ll take care of the rest.
If you already have a site, please enter your
company name in the box and click submit to log on.
If you would like to see a sample site, please enter the word SAMPLE in the box and log on with the username: Matrex and the password: SampleSite.